What are the most used passwords, do you know?


Cyber Security Experts’ Advice on Strong Password Usage

Cybersecurity experts emphasize the importance of using strong passwords to protect against cyber attacks. However, many individuals tend to use simple passwords for ease of remembrance. This widespread use of similar passwords makes it easier for cybercriminals to steal personal or critical information.

In 2024, a list of the 15 most commonly used passwords globally has been revealed by American privacy expert Jason Wise, who works extensively on information privacy. Topping the list is ‘123456’, followed by ‘123456789’ and ‘admin’ in the second and third positions. Other passwords on the list include ‘Qwerty’, ‘welcome’, ‘Password’, ‘Password1’, ‘p@ssw0rd’, ‘12345’, ‘Qwerty123’, ‘1q2w3e’, ‘12345678’, ‘111111’, ‘1234567890’, and ‘Q2w3e4r5t’.

Highlighting the need for strong passwords, Jason Wise suggests that for online safety, it is crucial to use secure passwords. A strong password should be both independent and robust, making it challenging for others to hack. It is advised to refrain from using easily guessable information such as one’s name, birthdate, favorite person, preferred food, or favorite sports team when creating passwords.

According to cybersecurity specialists, a secure password should include a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. The complexity of a password directly contributes to its strength. Regardless of how strong a password may be, it is essential to use a unique password for each account to enhance security.

Source: Daily Mail