After Trump-Biden era, who is emerging as the frontrunner in the United States?


Whether or not former President Donald Trump returns to power, the impact of the upcoming US election could be far-reaching for several reasons. Generational change, especially in leadership, can change the dynamics of politics. There is a sense of desperation in the interest of the rest of the world surrounding the US elections this year. Especially if Donald Trump returns to power, it is feared that the future of that country’s democracy and relations with the outside world may change radically. At the end of his first term, Trump did not admit his defeat in the election. Many experts fear that if he becomes the president for the second time, he can deal a severe blow to the democratic structure of the country. On the other hand, even if the current president Joe Biden is re-elected, there are doubts about how long he will be able to continue working. One obstacle after another is being removed from Trump’s path in the race for the Republican nomination. Several candidates are withdrawing from the party’s primary race. Indian-American businessman Vivek Ramaswamy and Ron DeSantis broke up in Florida. There is speculation that Ramaswamy may even be Trump’s vice presidential candidate. DeSantis, known as a somewhat ‘responsible’ version of Trump himself, eventually endorsed Trump’s candidacy. As a result, the only challenger, former US representative to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, has been cornered. He continues to try to present himself as the only alternative to Trump in the Republican Party and as a representative of the younger generation instead of “old” candidates like Trump and Biden. Age is a real issue in this election. Biden is 81, Trump is 77 As a result, there is a question whether they have the ability to complete the entire term as president or not. In that case, the post of vice president is gaining more importance. So far, Biden’s Vice President Kamala Harris has not shown much leadership. As a result of the scandal in his office, he has become somewhat cornered. On the other hand, if Trump gets the party’s nomination, who will ultimately be the vice presidential candidate, the voters’ decision may also depend to some extent. Biden may garner some extra support if he names a more attractive and acceptable vice presidential candidate for his second term at the last minute. In the political arena, an account of three Indian-origin political leaders like Kamala Harris, Vivek Ramaswamy and Nikki Haley sheds light on the evolution of American politics. As much as Joe Biden has strengthened the U.S. economy and boosted employment as president, his reelection chances could have been brighter based on that alone. But his image is not favorable enough in the minds of the voters due to various reasons. As a result, the possibility of his re-election is under question. Biden is so busy with international issues like the Ukraine war and the Middle East crisis that he is not getting enough time to secure his political future. Generally, foreign policy ranks far behind the list of important issues for American voters. As a result, the US president’s success abroad has little impact on elections at home. Only decisions such as deploying or withdrawing US troops abroad cause more headaches